Selling Popcorn Tips and Tricks

Selling Popcorn Online and In Person can be easy, fun, and very productive for our Scouts and Parents.

Here’s how to do it and make the most of your time, your Scouts time, and build experiences that will benefit your Scout for a lifetime.


Get Online

From your Computer – go to and click “Register” on the upper right to register you and your Scouts

From your Phone – Text APP to 62771

With either method you can personalize your own “online store” with a photo, Scout’s Bio, and Favorite Product.

The Checklist

Follow these checklist items to guarantee success.

  1. Plan Ahead – Who is going to buy from you and your Scout(s)?
  2. Build a List – Family, Friends, Teachers, Church Family, Neighbors, and Online
  3. Grab a graphic – “Right Click” and choose “Save Image As” to save a graphic to include in your messages.
  4. Pick a Pitch and Make it Your Own – Just Copy and Paste one of the suggested messages into Notepad/Word, etc. then edit it to make it your own.
  5. Message and FollowUp – Send your inital message via FB Messenger, Texting, Email, Twitter DM, etc. to everyone on your list.  If you don’t hear back (and don’t see an order in the App) after 3 days, send those again with a different message.  No action from someone after another 3 days change the graphic and the pitch message and do it again.  MOST SALES OCCUR ON THE 2nd or 3rd MESSAGE!


Sample Sales Pitch Messages
Sample 1

“Hi, I’m ___________ (first name) with Cub Scout Pack 286 in Odessa.  We’re selling popcorn to help raise money for our pack. By buying popcorn today,
you’ll be helping me earn my way to camp next summer and do fun things with my pack all year long. More than 73% of your purchase comes back to support Scouting. 

Will you buy popcorn to support our Scouts today?  Here’s a link to my fundraising store and we’ll even ship all orders over $30 for FREE!  (ADD YOUR TRAILS END STOREFRONT LINK HERE).

Sample 2

”Hi, I’m ___________ with Odessa Troop 286.  Will you help us go to camp by purchasing popcorn today?  More than 73% of your purchases comes back to support Scouting, and helps us pay for our camping adventures.

Just click my online fundraising link and we’ll ship all orders over $30 for FREE! (ADD YOUR TRAILS END STOREFRONT LINK HERE).

Sample 3

Hello, I am ________.  My kids are in Scouts and love to do scouting things.  Would you buy some popcorn to help them keep doing fun things like hiking, canoeing, volunteering, biking, camping, rafting and generally learning how to “Be Prepared” in life? 

If you don’t like popcorn we gladly accept donations or you can buy some to send to the troops.  Will you order today to support scouting?”

If so, you can do it all online by clicking here.

Thank you for your support for scouting.

Sample Images

We can make up these images with your Scout’s picture and name.  Just take a picture of your Scout with a plain background (like a garage door, bare wall, etc.) where from the knees up they’re filling the entire camera “frame”.  Send us the picture and your preference for the “Hi, I’m ScoutsName” and we will create the images and get them to you as fast as we can.

Here is a sample:
Popcorn Sales Image